Initiate Project
In 2001, the Will County Division of Transportation entered into agreements with three engineering firms to begin a preliminary engineering study of the Caton Farm Road – Bruce Road corridor.

Define Project Purpose & Need
The Purpose and Need identifies and describes the proposed action and the transportation problem which it is intended to address.

Data Collection
Obtain necessary traffic data, accident data, right-of-way information, environmental data and other documents which aid in preparing the engineering study.

Project Scoping
Scoping is intended to focus the study effort on issues that are significant and avoid the collection of needless detailed information on insignificant issues.

Initiate Early Coordination

a. Community Leader Interviews – Project team will meet with community leaders to discuss and determine the critical issues of the project as they are perceived by the individual communities.

b. Identify/Notify Cooperating Agencies – Begin the process of project coordination with the many cooperating agencies involved.

c. Perform Environmental Survey – The environmental survey process initiates preliminary review of a projects’ impacts on cultural, biological, and wetland resources.

Identify Preliminary Alternatives

A full ranges of alternatives will be developed and considered.

Public Information Meeting #1
April & June 2002

Preliminary Alternatives will be presented for public comment.

Alternatives Analysis & Screening
The alternative analysis evaluates all of the environmental factors (ie. cultural, biological, socio-economic, air quality, noise) for all the alternatives.

Prepare Special Technical Reports
Preparation of reports that document progress in environmental areas.

Selection of Feasible Alternatives
Those alternatives determined not to be practicable or reasonable will be discarded.

Detailed Geometric Studies
Prepare preliminary design plans for remaining alternatives.

Public Information Meeting #2
June 2007
Feasible Alternatives will be presented for public comment.

Analysis of Feasible Alternatives
More detailed studies of the environmental factors in light of public and agency comments.

Preparation of Draft Environmental Document
Begin the process of formally documenting all environmental activities.

Preparation of Draft Design Report
Begin the process of formally documenting all design activities.

Selected Alternative is Chosen
July 2009 – County Board Approval
September 2012 – Regulatory & Resource Agencies Approval
Following the completion of the draft reports, a preferred alternative is selected.
June 2019 – Will County Board Rescinding Resolution #09-206 and Hereby Supporting a New Regional Transportation Corridor on an Alignment of Caton Farm-Oak-Bruce-Gougar.

Public Hearing 
Preferred Alternative will be presented for final public comments.

Preparation of Final Environmental Document
Complete the process of formal documentation of all environmental activities.

Preparation of Final Design Report
Complete the process of formal documentation of all design activities.

Design Approval
Project is complete.